Brackett Memorial United Methodist Church
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Taizé Prayer Service

Taizé Worship at Brackett Memorial UMC and Saint Christopher's Churches Wednesdays, 6:05pm * 

1st and 3rd Wednesday we gather at Brackett Memorial UMC, 2nd and 4th Wednesday we gather at St. Christopher's Church. 5th Wednesdays TBA
What is Taizé?
Taizé is a village in eastern France. Since 1940 it has been the home of an ecumenical community of brothers committed to prayer and worship. Thousands of pilgrims of all ages visit Taizé, know known as a place of international meetings of prayer and reflection. Brother Roger first came to the village of Taizé in 1940. He dreamt of starting a community "on account of Christ and. the Gospel". Taizés' strives for communion among all. From its beginnings the community has worked for reconciliation among Christians split apart into different denominations. But the brothers do not view reconciliation among Christians as the end in itself: it concerns all of humanity, since it makes the Church a place of communion for all. Learn more about Taizé at their website:
About Taizé Worship
Taizé worship includes candlelight, prayers, readings, silence, and soft music with repetitive words led by keyboard and flute, or violin, and other
instruments. The service is very meditative and offers a wonderful opportunity to be silent and center on The Lord. Come as you are -- and listen.
What Can I Expect?
You can hear some of the prayers and songs here:  
This is typical Order of Worship:

Gather in Silence

"Veni Sancte Spiritus"

"Adoramus te Christe"

Reflection or Scripture Reading such as Psalm 143

"Stay with Me"
"Ubi caritas"

Scripture Reading John 11:32-44


"0 Lord Hear My Prayer"

Prayer of Intercession and the Lord's Prayer

"We Adore You, Jesus Christ"

"Domine Deus"

Benediction: The almighty and merciful God bless us and keep us now and forever. Amen.

(You may remain in the sanctuary for prayer or leave in silence.)